Bradford City Water Authority

28 Kennedy Street, Bradford, Pennsylvania 16701

Hook up, Rates, and Your Bill
Everything you need to know to get connected to Bradford Water

What you must do to get your water hooked upů

  1. You must fill out an "Application for Service" form and an affidavit of use of 'Lead-Free' plumbing materials form at the Water Authority Office at 28 Kennedy Street, Bradford, PA.

  1. You must pay the 'Tap-In' fee in advance before being connected on the Bradford Water System.  Refer to the Water Authority's current rates schedule (located on the back of  this brochure) to determine your tap-in fee.

  1. The Bradford City Water Authority will provide the following:
         A.  The direct tap on the main water line.
         B.  A corporation stop.
         C.  A curb box and stop (shut-off) at the property's edge.
         D.  A 5/8" water meter for the interior of the house.
         E.  An outside MXU unit to allow the inside meter to be read from outside the home by the meter reader.
         F.  A backflow preventer for residential services.
         G.  Labor to install items (a) thru (f).

  1. The property owner is responsible for the following:
         A.  All excavation and backfilling required from the home over to and including exposing the water main located in the               
               berm of the roadway..  If the water main is on the opposite side of the road from the home, it will require a pit be dug on       
               each side of the road to allow set up of boring equipment.  The Water Authority will provide the bore for a fee, or the   
               homeowner may have their contractor provide the boring service.  Also, a 2" PVC casing shall be installed in the bore 
               hole per PennDOT requirements.
         B.  All surface restoration after backfilling including restoration of the berm including PennDOT right-of-way.  A permit to 
               dig in the road berm is required from PennDOT which the Water Authority will obtain for the homeowner.  DO NOT
               excavate in or near the road berm for line installation prior to checking with the Water Authority office.
         C.  Labor and material:
                 1.  All labor required on the home owner's property.
                 2.  All copper required to effect hookup with a minimum of 3/4" Type K copper. (No plastic permitted)
         D.  A Water Authority representative will inspect the service line prior to backfilling.  The meter installer will work with   
               the homeowner on the proper interior meter location and required plumbing (minimum area 36"x36"x36").
  1. Customers will be billed quarterly for service.  Any questions regarding your water bill should be directed to the Water
        Authority Office, 28 Kennedy Street, by calling (814) 362-3004.

Metered Rates & Connection Charges

A minimum charge will be made to each customer for each meter.  This minimum charge covers customer costs for
service to customers irrespective of the amount of water used.  There is no allowance for any water use in this
charge.  Permanently metered water consumption shall be billed at the rate of $2.70 per thousand gallons regardless of meter size.  Water  sold through temporary connections (such as hydrants or water fill stations) shall be billed at a minimum of $12.00 per thousand gallons.

All applicants shall pay a service connection charge when
submitting an application for service to premises not
currently connected to the public water supply system.
The present schedule of charges is as follows:

             Size of Connection         Connection Charge
                    3/4"                                $700.00
                     1"                                  $850.00
             Larger than 1"       $850.00 plus additional costs

For service connections 2" and larger the applicant will pay the actual cost of making the connection , furnishing and
setting the meter.  A minimum deposit of $1,500 shall be made at the time of the application.  The Authority will refund excess monies deposited or will bill for any additional costs incurred beyond the deposit once the connection has been made.  No water service will be initiated until all charges are paid in full.

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