Bradford City Water Authority
28 Kennedy Street, Bradford, Pennsylvania  16701
Office - (814) 362-3004 Fax - (814) 362-3811
Warehouse - (814) 368-4348 Waterplant - (814) 362-3576
After Hours Emergency - (800) 947-7681

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Water Authority Board Policy Statement
The purpose of the Bradford City Water Authority is to provide water to the City of Bradford and surrounding municipalities.

The goals of this body and its employees, are to provide to our customers, a reliable, consistant, safe and adequate supply of water,
answering the demands of Residential, Commercial and Industrial users equally, while continuing to adhere to all Local, State and Federal
Agencies charged by the law in setting rules and regulations pertaining to water.

RESOLVED, that the Bradford City Water Authority hereby appoints this date, Tuesday, January 27, 2015, the following slate of Board of Directors:
- Ronald L. Orris
- Thomas E. Arrowsmith
- Richard W. Luther
- Terry D. Lopus
- Robert P. Douglas

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